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Wedding Albums: A Family Heirloom

As a child, many people can remember flipping through their parents or even grandparents wedding album. This album was typically composed of 10 to 20 posed shots of their special day. For many small children, however, this was the image they had of a wedding and marriage. These photos became ingrained on their memory and was refreshed each time the album was picked up and looked at. Still today they are able to show these photo albums to their own children and grandchildren.

With the introduction of digital technology, there are many couples that never bother to put together their own wedding album. Due to the convenient disc of hundreds of pictures of their special day, they figure that it will come later. The fact is however, that many of these people never bother to print out more than the pictures that will be hung in their home. Once children begin to come along, these prints too are replaced with ones of babies and growing children. The memory of the wedding then becomes just that, a memory.

However, that physical, bound wedding album of your parents or grandparents still lives on reminding you of their special day and how much time you spent flipping through the pages as a child. A wedding album is not only a recollection of the special day, but also and heirloom that can live on for decades.

While many modern couples believe that simply obtaining the disc full of their wedding images is good enough, this is just not true. Additionally, with the new features that can be added to albums there is no reason not to take the time to construct your own, or even hiring someone to do this for you.

Modern couples typically have up to 1,000 images on a disc from their wedding, which is way more than anyone’s parents. Storing them on a disc or USB drive will typically provide life-long access to the pictures, right? The fact is that with technology advancing at such an expedited rate, will the computers of 2058 even have USB ports or DVD drives? If not, how will these wedding memories be accessed?

Additionally, you never will know what till go out of style or become obsolete. Additionally, prints that are obtained from the local drugstore are typically not ever worth the paper that they are printed on. Over time they will fade, curl and ruin. These memories are still not preserved like the album of your parents or grandparents are, which have withstood the ultimate test of time.

The point here is that finding a way to afford a wedding album is a must. This will ensure that generations later, your family will be able to witness your special day from the photos that have withstood the test of time in your very own wedding album. Simply cut a few other costs from the wedding that are not necessary and be sure to preserve this one moment in time.